Truck Driver Jobs Increase Across America – Over 900,000 Openings

Increasing Need for Freight Tranportation

Looking at employment trends and job openings every day, I have noticed an increase in driving jobs posted, especially since 2012. Many of these positions are for CDL licensed truck drivers and owner-operators of large trucks.

This increase in jobs indicates an increase in goods production and transport in the United States.

This expansion includes more goods like agricultural products and livestock, scrap metal, trash (like Rumpke and the mountain it decorates at Christmas), oil and water shipments in the Oil & Gas Industry, computer parts, auto parts (very big in Ohio), and numerous other items. Trucking routes cover all parts of the United States in all terrain, even along the winter ice roads in the far northwestern states that extend into Canada.
Largest Trucking Companies in America

1 UPS Inc.: Ranked Number One since at least 2012
2 FedEx Corp.
3 XPO Logistics
4 J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.
5 YRC Worldwide
6 Swift Transportation
7 Schneider
8 Hub Group
9 Landstar System
10 TransForce Inc.
11 Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
12 ArcBest Corp.
13 Ryder Supply Chain Solutions
14 Estes Express Lines
15 Werner Enterprises Inc.
16 Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc.
17 UniGroup Inc.
18 Prime Inc.
19 U.S. Xpress Enterprises
20 Sirva Inc.

Source: Transport Topics/TTNews, October 2016.
Truck and Semi Trailers
Truck and Semi Trailers
Goods That Need More Trucks: Aerospace and Oil Products

Aerospace and aeronautical parts, including rocketry, are also transported in increasing numbers from states that include California, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Eastern Seaboard States. These parts, along with entire aircraft, are also going to our partner nations in projects important to space exploration and national defense.

For instance, NASA selected space taxi manufacturers in 2014 as well as a new craft to replace the US Space Shuttle in the Orion vehicle that can carry five to seven people. At the same time, the US partnered with Japan to create a mutual air force with which to patrol near-earth and interstellar skies.

NASA also partners with the Canadian space agency and the best human example of that is Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s career. America’s private and public space programs are working with other countries and have been doing so for many years. This creates a lot of parts to be shipped by truck and by aircraft.
Tank Truck or Tanker
Tank Truck or Tanker

Considering the blockades on certain oil pipeline construction in the USA, the Trucking Industry will likely continue to increase with the expanding need to transport oil and oil-containing tar sands from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, namely Galveston and other port cities that process petroleum.

Alberta tar sands need toxic, corrosive chemicals to make the material flow through metal pipelines, endangering the water supply of the lands it passes through when the pipes deteriorate, which is a certainty. Cleaning and replacing tanker truck tanks is less labor intensive and time consuming than is repairing the transport pipelines. Trucks are already in use to transport oil and increasing the number of trucks and hauls is not as difficult as building a new pipeline and then repairing it often.

The local-goods use movement (locavore) in food products has not diminished the need for transportation of goods overall in our country, because the transport of other goods has increased.
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Hauling a Wind Turbine Blade
Hauling a Wind Turbine Blade
Advertised Truck Driving Jobs

As of January 2015 over 943,000 job openings for truck drivers were posted across the United States. By 2025, this number may reach the low seven figures.

Major Hiring Companies:

Swift Transportation Co.
Swift Transportation (another division)
US Xpress
CRST Malone
Knight Refrigerated Trucking
Melton Truck Lines, Inc.
Swift Transportation (third division)
CRST Specialized Transportation
USA Truck
Roehl Transport
Western Express

Most of the job listings I am seeing begin at $50,000 annually, even for first-year drivers.